Birthday Ranch

What Would You Do To Save Your Birthday?

Cody Nilsen's 10th birthday is in two weeks and only a huge party will do. Too bad he's stuck with boring Auntie Maya.

Sure, she lives in a treehouse, but all Auntie Maya cares about is playing Crazy Eights — NOT Cody's idea of a good time.

Next door is Birthday Ranch, a magical place full of talking animals and new friends, and it turns out that the ranch's annual Pony Trials contest is coming up. The grand prize is a birthday party!

Cody will stop at nothing to win the prized party despite a missing bunny, an old enemy, AND a hungry mountain lion on the loose!

With the Birthday Ranchers in danger, Cody must decide if winning a birthday party is more important than saving his new friends.

Birthday Ranch is a magical place where ponies, bunnies, girls, and boys can celebrate.