Birthday Ranch

What Would You Do To Save Your Birthday?

Birthday Ranch is a magical place where ponies, bunnies, girls, and boys can celebrate. 

Cody Nilsen’s 10th birthday plans are ruined, he has to dodge a hooligan with a grudge against him, and his aunt is furious with him for almost killing her parrot with bubblegum—accidentally!


If he could only find a way to make his birthday awesome, nothing else would matter. 

That’s when he learns that he can win a lavish birthday party at Birthday Ranch—all he has to do is emerge from the ranch’s annual Pony Trials



Cody is poised to win when his friend goes missing and mortal danger lurks in the woods. Cody realizes that a friend’s safety is more important than his birthday, but understands too late that he’s not really brave.

Or is he?

Will Cody choose friendship or go back to his selfish ways?

Only his 10th birthday is on the line.

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