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Messy Food and Drink


 Does your kid leave a mess everywhere? This  workbook offers tips and tricks so that your kid  can  get organized. 

 Are the adults in your life mad at you for being  messy? 

 The Ultimate King of the Mess, Booby X. Slacker,  shares how being messy messed up his life. 

 This workbook offers tips and tricks so that you  can  get organized and avoid the same sad fate. 


Goodreads Reader

The workbook provides a compassionate understanding of the frustration adults may feel when their children leave messes behind. Naomi Shibles offers a wealth of tips and tricks, allowing parents to guide their children towards developing organizational skills. The author's tone is supportive and encouraging, ensuring that adults feel empowered to help their messy kids without resorting to frustration or anger.

Amazon Reader

This helped my son! My 10 year old son would not organize his binder until he saw this book! Amazing ways to explain how keep organized!

Amazon Reader

This book is hilarious. Good advice for kids who might need some help but are too shy to ask for it. The illustrations are cute, too. Highly recommend.
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