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Have You Met Birthday Ranch’s Hero?

Updated: Sep 2, 2022

Meet Cody Nilsen. He’ll be 10 years old in two weeks, but his upcoming birthday is looking bleak. And if he wants to evade local Honey Valley hooligan Travis Pelham, he has to hide out in Auntie Maya’s treehouse with an angry parrot. Both the bird and the bully have a grudge against him, so Cody is stuck entertaining himself.

He thinks his pranks are hilarious, but Auntie Maya is over it. She sends Cody next door to Birthday Ranch where the fact that he can talk to animals isn’t even the most exciting thing about the place. He discovers that all he has to do to get a lavish birthday party is win Birthday Ranch’s annual contest: the Pony Trials.

Cody is determined to win the Pony Trials at all costs while learning the ropes of ranch life and dodging Travis. Time is running out for him to find a way to win the contest, but things start going Cody’s way when he convinces Willow Williams and Rowan Kontiki to be his teammates.

With the help of Willow, Rowan, and Head Pony Buckley Buckaroo, Cody is sure to win the party and save his birthday. That’s when a missing bunny and a savage mountain lion derail his plans.

Cody has a decision to make: Is winning a birthday party more important than saving his new friends from mortal danger?

Only his tenth birthday is on the line.

What would you do to save your birthday?

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