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In the Words of Queen Cher: ‘Get Over It!’

How I’m realizing that I need to give more & ask for less.

Podcast Episode #39

Image by NoName_13 from Pixabay

Greetings, Superstars!

Yet another week is informed by what my winter women discussed on Sunday evening. The key takeaway is that I need to stop looking for happiness outside of myself. We all do. All of the happiness that we count on needs to be generated from within for it to hold up against each day’s difficulties.

We’re all lucky in different ways. Some of us are charming, others have supportive families, still others are living their love stories—and there can be any number of luck-type combinations. I know how I’m lucky, and I’ve complained about how I’m not. Mainly: I don’t have a robust supportive network of friends and family cheering me on as a writer.

I know from social media that many writers are unlucky in this way, and it’s heartbreaking. But maybe it’s time that we start framing that in another way. Sure, if I were a painter, I could hold up my canvas until everyone delivers what I decide is a sufficient amount of appreciation in that moment. Instead, what I create by writing takes an awful lot of effort for someone to even glance at.

I think that’s something we writers need to keep in mind. We need to separate what we want from reasonable expectations. After all, how supportive am I of my attorney friends’ wins in the courtroom? How many times do I call up my friend in nursing school and ask how she did on her last test? Did my loved one negotiating with a government have a good meeting? No clue. Honestly, I’m not even clear on what my husband does for a living.

I think it’s time that I stop licking my wounds and start feeling fulfilled by being proud of myself (and probably show more interest in my loved ones’ careers). Maybe it’s time we start celebrating ourselves like we would celebrate a loved one—and then invite everyone else to the party.

I hope you feel the kiss of springtime!

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