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Martha Washington: First Lady of Fashion

How I was dazzled by a glamorous basset hound.

Podcast Episode #16

My name is Naomi Shibles and I’m here to tell you Why I Need This Author Gig.

With each episode, I’ll share a little bit about my writing journey, sprinkled with some anecdotes so that we can share a laugh.

In this episode, I cover:

  • Dog-forward B&Bs

  • The 2011 Tommy Hilfiger ad campaign

  • Animal magnetism

  • The life of a ‘dogager’

Here is Sirius supermodel (😉) Martha Washington at the Tommy Hilfiger store under one of her print advertisements:

Tommy Hilfiger model Martha Washington the basset hound
Image from Pinterest

Check out one of Martha’s Tommy Hilfiger ads from 2011:

This is a fun party from start to finish, but to directly access basset hound greatness, click at 54 seconds.

I think I would have been my French bulldog, Piglet Peabody’s, ‘dogager’ (like being a ‘momager’ for your pet) if I hadn’t been a new mom. Our Strudel the Pomeranian has criminal tendencies, so I couldn’t work with her.

Would you love being a dogager? Tell me all about it in the comments!

P.S. Extra points for sharing pics of your dogs. xo

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