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I’m seeing a lot of writers on Twitter (beware the time suck) expressing creative and / or querying fatigue, and asking what they should do to push through. I’ve posted a bit about ways that I stay motivated and inspired (read my related SCBWI blog post here), but it’s important to acknowledge that there are times when you should take a siesta.

Writing is a lot like motherhood: there are no real breaks—the job is never done. So, just like a spa day is important for moms not to implode (big up Mothers Day!), it’s vital that writers designate time to not write. If you woke up today with zero desire to work on your WIP, read, blog, research, outline, or query, then don’t.

But, also don‘t fret about wasting your precious, allotted writing time. Don’t, instead, fill that time with chores. In short, don’t feel guilty for taking a break—a guilt-riddled break is just torture, after all.

This is my birthday week and I intend to take a guilt-free break (although, I am blogging so it’s not really a break, even though I’m blogging about taking a break from…blogging). I’m going to enjoy myself, think deep thoughts about my new age, and eat some cookies. I’ll write only if it feels fun, otherwise, call it a mental health break, a birthday gift to myself, or a chance to step back and consider another angle.

It may not be your birthday week, but it’s okay for you to do the same. (If it is your bday week, I hope you get some treasure, fellow Taurus!)

The beginning of a sketch of my current work in progress (WIP)

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