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Seek Out Your Tribe of Creatives

I’m back from my trip to Santa Fe, New Mexico, and it is a magical place. Peacefully dripping with art, it seems to be a vortex of artists, each amalgamating their American Southwest experience into any number of art forms and mediums. Truly inspiring.

I love my home in North Carolina, but I don’t happen to know many local creatives. They’re here, of course, just not in my personal ramblings as a mom. But, I keep in touch with creative friends and have sought out like-minded people through conferences, workshops, and social media. My lovely writing group, for example, is composed of members from virtually every corner of the continent.

My point is that I really admired and coveted the Santa Fe community, with its deep-rooted devotion to creativity and art. I can imagine popping down the street to the local writing collective and weaving chapter after chapter of colleague-vetted literature…

If you, no matter what and how you create, don’t have many opportunities to easily talk about your work, it is worth making the effort to seek out your tribe of creatives. Your spirit will be lifted, and your work will be inspired.

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