Naomi Shibles grew up in the Caribbean on the island of St. Croix, where storytelling is woven into the fabric of the community. She worked as a newspaper reporter in Florida and an editor in New York City.

Naomi writes whimsical fantasy adventures that remind kids that they are amazing. Her book, Sandy the Stingray, was published in 2007, and she is currently pitching 
Birthday Ranch.

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I live in North Carolina with my husband, son, and sassy French bulldog, Piglet Peabody. North Carolina is a verdant place that offers the opportunity to find beauty in most places and most people. But I haven’t always lived here.

Growing up, I spent the school year on a tiny island in the Caribbean, and my summers in an even tinier coastal town in California. No two places could have been more different, yet more the same. As a kid, I chafed to escape these microscopic ecosystems and experience the world. Now that I have, I’m so grateful for the time I was given sitting still and observing—because that’s what you end up doing in a small town (or island)—people watching!

And no one is more interesting to a kid than other kids. Kids sharing adventures, kids banding together, and kids being heroes—pair that with a fearless animal friend, and these are the stories I live to share, because kids really are the the most amazing people on Earth!