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Book Trailer Magic

How I’m not afraid to look stupid.

Podcast Episode #41

Hello Superstars!

How do you feel about book trailers? Do you ever watch them on social media? Do you watch them in full or just skim the first few seconds? Do you turn the sound on to watch?

The evolution of media consumption is fascinating to me. I remember TV before streaming, dishes, cable, even before remote controls! When we even had a TV, we sat in front of it when the TV Guide told us to, and were grateful for what we got.

Fast-forward to watching my own kid’s TV choices and 98% of the time it’s just a rolling tide of YouTube clips. I can’t fathom it, but I do appreciate that times have changed. And with the unfathomable comes the wonderful—to satisfy all of these quick-brained kids, streamlined tech has emerged to create and publish all kinds of magic.

For example, using just an iPhone and the Canva app, I created this book trailer for my YA sci-fi novel, Counterblow Clemency. I’d love to know what you think:

*sound on

If you had told me that I would have been able to create something like this back when I was in high school rolling film in a sweltering, pitch-dark room and laying out yearbook pages with paper and glue, I would have asked if I could look forward to a flying car, too.

Nothing’s perfect—tech included—but I’d like to allow myself permission to appreciate that we didn’t always have the option to quickly pluck from our imaginations and almost immediately share what we find there with the world. As an 80s kid who grew up on a small Caribbean island, it is akin to magic.

It took me several tries to put together this book trailer for Counterblow Clemency, just like it took me several drafts to complete the book, itself. I like it but have no idea if anyone out there will think it’s stupid. I’m sitting with a flutter in my stomach before posting it. But I’ll never get anywhere without giving it a try, right?

And there’s one thing that gives me the courage to post—my tween thinks it’s cool!

Be brave today, Superstars!

There will not be a post next week, but I’ll be back with lots of stories! 💛

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