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Breadcrumbs, Stepping Stones & Unleashing Your Growth

How we must all lift and be lifted through dynamic connections.

Podcast Episode #35

My name is Naomi Shibles and I’m here to tell you Why I Need This Author Gig.

With each episode, I’ll share a little bit about my writing journey, sprinkled with some anecdotes so that we can share a laugh.

In this episode, I cover:

  • Finding stepping stones

  • Energy-expanding interactions

  • Locating your people


Hello Superstars!

You know how there are moments in life when stepping stones are revealed, giving us a chance to find our way to wherever we dream of going. Have you ever noticed that’s when the universe tends to test us? Will be fall back into old patterns or create new ones?

When you’re in the moment it’s not always clear where your decisions will lead and we benefit from small nudges in the right direction. For me, the most effective nudges come in the form of energy-expanding interactions, and glimpses of what life could be if I let it.

Two snails under wild strawberries.
Image by 165106 from Pixabay

That’s why I was lucky to have a glorious experience this past weekend that gave me a little bit of both. Through Happy Women Dinners, I was part of a group who went up a mountain road to attend an event hosted by fab authors Maia Tolland Steph Jagger. In an outpost in the forest, they wove the themes of their books together into a nourishing chat that felt perfect. Their friendship was evident and inspiring in their camaraderie as writers and genuine support of one another.

Here’s what I came down the mountain with:

  • Inspiration from a slew of powerful, dynamic, successful women

  • Camaraderie with other writers

  • Washed-clean energy from a change in venue

  • Hope and conviction for my own journey

Armed with this bounty, I’m entering the week full of optimism and feeling powerful. Over the next few days, I hope you focus on the one thing that you want in your heart of hearts and then look around for the people who could nudge you in the right direction.

Google that thing that you want plus the word ‘groups’ to find resources (e.g., “writing+groups”). Don’t give up—follow the breadcrumbs to your people.

You have to find your people before they can lift you up.

And remember to do some lifting, yourself. I know you will. 💛

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