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Foraging Fairy Furniture While Querying

I sent a set number of queries for Birthday Ranch and set it aside to wait for responses (🤞). In the meantime, I’m writing micro and flash fiction to submit to literary journals. My latest story is about a fairy who lives in a dollhouse.

It’s been fun thinking up objects they find in the forest to furnish the dollhouse and make it a home. It’s springtime here in beautiful Charlotte, North Carolina, and all the blooms and blossoms seem like fairy stomping ground.

Lachlan and I decided to take a walk for inspiration and snapped a few pics:

azalea flowers
Red azaleas make lovely dresses or curtains.

tulip flowers
Glorious tulips perfect for cups, chairs, sinks…

blooming shrub
What are these? They look like little hula skirts. Or maybe brooms.

This bog could be the setting for a creepy scene.

golden retriever dog
One happy golden retriever.

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