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I’m Proud of You

Are YOU Proud of You?

Things are going remarkably well in your career.” This is a direct quote from my monthly horoscope by my Queen, astrologist Susan Miller. My initial reaction? Bleh! *eyeroll* Not even close!

I know what my overarching goals are, and those goals are yet to be actualized. But, Susan Miller is never wrong, you say? Maybe.


When I imagine my career through someone else’s eyes, maybe I see a writer who has an awesome part-time job in the media space, leveraging her skills while maintaining enough flexibility in her schedule to show up for her elementary-aged kid.

Maybe I see a writer whose completed manuscript is not published or even represented, but has garnered several full asks and she is confident that it will get more until the right person discovers it.

I see someone whose writing group believes in her WIP and can’t wait to read the polished tale. Most importantly, I see a writer who writes because that‘s what has always been natural to her and is engaging with the world through that medium.

Not so bad. And who knows where these efforts will lead (besides astrologist Susan Miller)?

I guess this is a little PSA to look at the whole picture and celebrate every, single success. xo

Are you proud of you? I hope so because you deserve it!

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