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NEWS! (That Isn’t News)

Actress Betty White
“Betty White, circa 1954. Bettmann” from

I have exciting, gratifying news…that isn’t news at all. Let me explain:

My cousin is a real estate agent in California, and his team has the listing for the late Betty White’s house. (Go Zak!) From time to time, I help out by writing listing descriptions. He asked me to write the description for Betty White’s home, which I was thrilled to do. I never realized while writing it that the home going on the market would be newsworthy.

Well, guess whose words have been quoted in news outlets like the Daily Mail, People, and the New York Post??

Of course, it’s not really news for me at all—it’s just an uncredited real estate listing that is being peppered into stories about Betty White. But, it’s still butterflies-exciting for me to see my words under such heady mastheads! Especially while I’m fighting dejection from the querying process.

Gravy: I suppose that this counts as six degrees of separation from the legendary Ms. White.

(I’m also super excited for my cousin!)

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