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Next Stop: Procrastination Station

Writers are especially good at procrastinating while we wait for inspiration to strike. I have spent entire mornings making appointments, doing laundry, and organizing linen closets—things I don’t enjoy doing—rather than writing. Sometimes I have to laugh at the lengths I will go to put off doing what I love, which is writing fantastical adventures!

Fantasy fiction is so important during difficult times, especially for young people. It offers an escape from uncomfortable feelings, illness, and stress. So, even though I tend to procrastinate when I am supposed to be writing, I’m committed to creating stories that will give readers wonderful places to go.

When I came up with the idea for Procrastination Station, I didn’t expect to be homeschooling my son in the middle of a pandemic. This has added a whole new layer to my procrastination tendencies, which I will document here. I hope I can bring some humor to this crazy moment in time.

Oh, and look for pictures of my adorable French bulldog, Piglet Peabody!

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