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April Showers Are a Downpour

Okay, March went by in a flash, and April is SO BUSY—and it’s only the second day of the month! Personally, I signed up for another writing camp with NaNoWriMo because I work best under a deadline. Years of conditioning as a journalist and editor, yes, but here we are.

In addition, I am participating in an intimate virtual writing workshop for which I need to polish three pages for intense critique. (Bring it!) So with my minuscule amount of free time packed with goals and ambitions, of course, I found something else to do.


Years ago, my husband introduced me to the newsletter of the intrepid Dan Blank , and I am so grateful for this font of information. In today’s offering, Dan shared tips for improving your website as an author. Well. Needless to say, that is all I needed to shirk my obligations (to myself) and work on my website instead.

Here’s the thing: right now my website is, at best, a marketing tool to demontstrate to potential agents or publishers that I can be a viable business partner. At the very least, it is a place holder for salad days to come. No one actually visits my site at the moment—but someday they will, and thanks to Dan Blank, I will be ready!


I usually block comments on my blog posts in an effort to avoid pesky robot-generated ads, and because I don’t expect much traffic. But today, I’m leaving my comments open and inviting anyone who happens to read this to comment on how you are spending your busy April, procrastinating, and taking steps—big or small—to actualize your dreams.

Who knows? Maybe we can start a conversation that will inspire me to be bold enough to open up comments indefinitely. Regardless, YOU are amazing, so keep doing the special things that you do to make your heart sing.

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