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Push Yourself Just Because

All 3 agents that I've queried so far said, "Nuh-uh" to Birthday Ranch. They also kindly gave me some very insightful feedback--for which I am eternally grateful--leading to clarity on rewrites that I will make. But first, I'm taking the plunge in November to try NaNoWriMo!


If you don't know, November is considered National Novel Writing Month, when folks all over the world attempt to write a 50,000-word first draft of a novel between November 1 and November 30. No small task, right?

Magic 8-Ball Says No

With homeschooling and the holidays, do I think I will achieve this goal? In the words of my son's Magic 8-Ball, My Sources Say No. But that's not stopping me. Here's the thing: I can work toward a goal and not beat myself up if I don't achieve it, because no matter what I end up producing in November, it's something. And that's always a start.

So if there is something you want to do, anything at all, just try. Don't worry about failing, or being embarrassed, or what anyone thinks. Any success I have ever achieved in my life would not have happened if I let my ego slow me down.

So have fun and do whatever you want in your life. I believe in you!

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