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Work Hard, Tell Someone

Updated: Mar 6, 2023

I recently published a workbook for helping kids get organized called, This One's For You, Messy Kid. In order to get the word out, I:

  • Created an announcement in Canva and pinned it on my social media channels (Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn).

  • Added the cover thumbnail linked to the workbook's Amazon url to my email signature.

  • Told my close friends and family about it (100% of my sales, so far).

  • Donated copies to my son's 4th grade class.

  • Purchased 2 week's worth of Amazon ads.

Next Steps

I plan to bring a copy to my neighborhood book store, Park Road Books, with a quick link or QR code in case they would like to order some. 🤞

And this might be a shot in the dark, but I will mail copies to children's book authors and illustrators whom I think would get a kick out of it.

Abstract drawing of person on newspaper
Image by Claude Alleva via Pixabay

Promoting my workbook isn't a huge priority for me at the moment as I toil in the revision trenches. But these steps are simple and, other than the printing costs of the copies I'm gifting ($2.15 per book), they are free to carry out.

No matter what your circumstances, there is always a way to honor your work by letting people know about it. It just takes a proactive attitude, which I know you have, fellow writer!

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