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Books Help People Get It Together

The world is changing, but it always is. The only constant is that people will be at times upset, and at times happy but, not always the same people at the same time. That’s why we need books.

I don’t need to tell you that books are magic. I do think that it is noteworthy that books offer a constant feeling that mirrors our own. Whatever the feeling, there is a book to match it so that there is always a sympathetic shoulder to lean on.

Readers of books know this. Sometimes writers of books forget it. We get very caught up in striving to connect our stories with the readers who need them and that can be daunting.

But, only the dauntless soar. I wish that we could release our finished books out the window like pigeons and let them fly to their readers. Well.

We can’t just yet.

So we must write. We must endeavor to create a snug haven of understanding and sometimes inspiration for every person who needs a break. Because books help people get it together.

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