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23 Essentials for Your Conference Kit

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

The first of my in-person fall writing / book conferences begins next week and I am so excited! I haven’t physically been to one in a decade, so I’m putting some thought into making myself comfortable while there.

At the SCBWI Carolinas “Swinging Into KidLit” fall conference, I’m going to be networking, on my feet a lot, and taking in tons of marvelous information, so I’ll need supplies to remain poised throughout each day.

I need a Conference Essentials Kit.

First, I’ll define my goals for the show, and then list whatever I think I’ll need to reach those goals.


  1. Learn

  2. Network With Other Local Writers

  3. Meet Agents & Publishers

  4. Get Involved

  5. Have Fun!


  1. Stylish tote (deep enough to hold everything below, compartments & long handles a plus)

  2. Notepad

  3. Brand new pen (yes, I’ve run out of ink taking notes in the middle of a presentation before)

  4. iPad

  5. Apple Pencil (for a sketch sesh)

  6. iPad charger

  7. iPhone with ALARMS SET for appointments (Intensives; Critiques; Volunteer commitments)

  8. iPhone charger

  9. External battery fully charged

  10. Printed schedule / Conference program

  11. Business cards printed with my contact info & my manuscript PITCH ( 1 style for each ms pitch)

  12. Business card holders ( 1 for each different card style)

  13. Jacket (never forget the high-octane air conditioning of a conference hall)

  14. Comfortable yet stylish shoes

  15. Primping gear (e.g., cosmetics, hairbrush)

  16. Tablets for allergies / tummy troubles

  17. Mints to share (make friends!)

  18. Packet of Hydration Multiplier (mix it into water to double the benefits, or add it to soda if you have to)

  19. Hand sanitizer

  20. Stylish mask just in case

  21. Tide stick

  22. Tissues

  23. Band-aids (2) for paper cuts / blisters from stylish shoes

If I think of anything else over the next 7 days, I'll add it here. Please add any ideas in the comments!

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