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Go On, Try It!

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

I’m a big fan of trying things. Very rarely do we have something to lose by learning something new—even if we have no idea what we’re doing.

For example, I've taken a few weeks off from revising Counterblow Clemency to create

a workbook.

BTW, here is an update on my writing projects:

Birthday Ranch - I'm still considering turning this middle grade adventure into a chapter book. It would be fun and was advised by an agent, but I do think that BR is an excellent option for young middle grade reluctant readers. In an homage to my muse, I named my imprint Birthday Ranch Press.

Counterblow Clemency - After breaking this YA manuscript into roughly 6,000-word chunks, I am systematically searching for passive voice and telling. When revising, I also highlight any phrase, sentence, paragraph, passage, etc. that snags me out of the story.

After tightening up the language, I go back to those highlighted texts and fix whatever is the problem. My writing group is also kindly weighing in on pages. I’m about a third of the way finished with this phase and back to it tomorrow.

The Fairy Who Lived In a Dollhouse - The first draft of this YA manuscript is 99.9% written--I just need to come up with a sequel (I just learned this term from a Janice Hardy blog post) to the last scene before my closing image. In her words, "The sequel is the time and reflection after a scene has occurred." I'm just not sure yet what that reaction will be.

The workbook that has interrupted all of this is intended to help messy kids get organized. Here's my front cover:

The idea came from my son. He's 9 1/2, in 4th grade, and quite messy. In trying to help him get it together, it made sense to write and illustrate this workbook to sell via Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP). If you don't know, KDP allows people to order your book on Amazon, and it is subsequently printed and shipped (little to no overhead).

Of course, I thought I'd create all of the illustrations, write the text, and format the thing in one weekend. Foolishness. Three weeks later, I finally uploaded it and am eagerly awaiting the proof.

three men on bicycles in a green glen
Go your own way.

Don't be afraid to try new things.

It’s all exercise for your brain, so don’t worry about feeling embarassed. There were moments trying to format the covers to KDP specifications when I felt physically ill from frustration. But, now I know how to do it.

Anything you want to try, do it! It's only your first time once.

As far as my little workbook goes, maybe it will generate some income. Maybe it will become a global sensation... Honestly, though, if it helps any kids get organized, I'm happy.

Plus, my son loved being my editor! ❤️

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