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Hello Beautiful!

Hi there! I haven't posted in a very long time because, frankly, I've been enjoying SUMMER VACATION!!! Who doesn't love summer? The verdant greens, dining al fresco on the deck, soaking in the pool (I use the term "pool" loosely, since we are lucky to enjoy the blow-up variety). Sure, we can't travel, but we've been hiking and campingwhich is glorious and I am grateful to spend time with my family.

Yes, I'm still revising Birthday Ranch. But it has been the tedious bit where I search out redundancies and passive voice, too many adverbs, and pesky clichés. To do this, I've been using a cool app called SlickWrite, which I discovered here. Technology is a double-edged sword, of course, but there are so many wonderful ways that writers can leverage it to make their job more efficient. So start exploring!

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