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Master Procrastinator: Back in Action!

During the past week, I knew that I wanted to achieve 1 of 2 things—either:

  1. Finish the 1st draft of my next YA manuscript, or

  2. Start converting my MG adventure into a chapter book (read more about that here).

You’re probably on pins and needles wondering which one I picked. The answer is neither. I drew a coloring book instead. It’s currently under review for KDP, which I’m realizing is fueling my other persona: The Master Procrastinator.

This fiend is back in action, and rising to new levels of procrastination. Why am I like this?

I did end up buckling down today, as the week wanes, and began the 2nd choice: to turn my early middle grade manuscript into a rowdy chapter book. It’s actually fun and promises an excuse to draw.

But, check out some of my coloring book characters:

So cute, right?

Gotta go—lots to do! Perhaps even some writing…

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