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My Own Personal Time Paradox

How I’m taking time to write rather than ‘doing it all.’

Podcast Episode #22

My name is Naomi Shibles and I’m here to tell you Why I Need This Author Gig.

With each episode, I’ll share a little bit about my writing journey, sprinkled with some anecdotes so that we can share a laugh.

In this episode, I cover:

  • How it’s like we’re connected

  • The time paradox

  • Clusters of creativity

  • What I’m working on now


I’m back from L.A. and it was glorious! I got to see my some of my cousins, reconnect with old friends, and make new memories with them all. That was the first time that I skipped a week of this podcast, and it feels like we haven’t talked in forever.

But it also feels like no time has passed, right?

I just watched Totally Killer on Netflix and loved the description of time that one clever character gives—that it’s like a river, all constantly flowing at once. That makes me less concerned about how much time I have to accomplish my goals, because they can be actualized in clusters—bursts of creative energy that yield a bumper crop of accomplishments.

Are you anxious about how much time you have to make your dreams come true?

It never feels like enough, does it? But it is. There is so much that you can get done in any amount of time.

You Can Do It.

And so can I. That’s why this episode will be short and sweet, because I’ve got revisions to do. It’s been a while since I gave you an update on my projects:

I’m pleased to report that my YA sci-fi caper, Counterblow Clemency, received a full ask from a publisher! On pins and needles waiting to hear back from them.🤞

I am finishing the afore-mentioned revisions on my YA cozy fantasy. I’ve already completed the submission package and begun a marketing plan. I have an amazing feeling about this one. It got super good feedback from a beta reader, so that’s what I’m focused on getting to the finish line now.

Remember my MG book, Birthday Ranch, that I turned into a chapter book? I’ve 100% decided to continue it as a series that I self-publish, which is exciting.

That means I need to assemble a crackerjack team to put together a flawless product. That’s why I’m putting this second to last on my to-do list. I want to get all of my other projects to a good stopping point so that when the time comes, I’ll put everything I have into making Birthday Ranch a success.

I’m still shopping my kids biography picture book and might self-publish that in the future. I’ve looked into pricing commercial use photographs (since it’s nonfiction) and they are expensive! Maybe a Kickstarter or similar? TBD.

I published a picture book based on the Anansi the Trickster Spider legend of West Africa and the Caribbean (where I grew up). My book is called King Cardinal In the Maple Tree, and I hope you check it out! It’s super cute.

I began an outline for a new book. Don’t look at me like that. You writers know that this can’t be helped. It’s like breathing, or eating nachos.😘

Also, one of my episodes on Substack was featured in last week’s Query Tracker newsletter!

There you have it—all the clusters of creativity that are bursting my seams. (Sorry, gross image!) Imagine if I had more time…

TTY! 💛

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