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(Not) Writing While Homeschooling

We made it through week one of homeschool while we do this thing called “social distancing” to slow down the spread of COVID-19. Schools are to be closed for two weeks, so we’re at the halfway mark—except it doesn’t seem like the virus is going away anytime soon. I haven’t left the house (except to walk around the neighborhood or shoot hoops for “recess”) in five days. Good thing I love my house!

Needless to say, this is the first writing I’ve done in a week. Unless you count rewriting a synopsis for a book pitch, which is a miserable and thankless activity. I’m supposed to go to a writing workshop in a few weeks to pitch Birthday Ranch, the book I’m writing, to agents, so time is running out to prepare.

I received an email yesterday that the workshop will now be all virtual, and my meetings with agents will be held over Skype. I’m happy it hasn’t been cancelled altogether, but the pressure is now on to have a robust online presence (Hello new blog! Now what was my Twitter password, again?), polish up my first five chapters, and figure out what I am going to say to these agents so that they give my book a chance.

Enter: homeschool. I always knew that teachers are angels, but I never realized the extent of the work that goes into teaching first grade. 🙏 I am blessed with an intelligent and inquisitive child, and that means I currently hear, “Mommy, I have just one question...” one million times per day. No, you do not have just one question, son. You have one million questions. And I will happily answer every one of them (some with the help of Google) because I want you to remain curious about your world. And I will stare longingly at my unfinished manuscript, and then decide to pre-make some quinoa for dinner after I crush one more level of Best Fiends.

Today’s Happy Thought

The water in Venetian canals is now clearer due to decreased boat activity!

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