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Rainbow Intentions and the New Year

Who else is thinking about intentions for the coming year? Goals, fresh starts, it’s all very exciting!

If you’ve read any of my posts, you probably know that I believe in the power of positive thinking. But success isn’t all about rainbow thoughts. You have to act with intention.

Don’t Just Dream—Be a Dream Catcher

dream catcher

Obviously, my number one personal goal is to get my manuscripts published—both Birthday Ranch and my new YA sci-fi caper. I know this will happen (there’s that positive thinking).

But in order to nudge success along, I joined the Authors Guild and have connected with some fellow members/middle grade writers

to workshop the steps to publication.

I gathered together some vital stats about my efforts, to prepare for these Zoom meetings, and found the process insightful.

This is how I set it up:

Summary: I am seeking representation for my 30,000 word middle grade manuscript, Birthday Ranch. In August 2020, I began querying agents that I found via SCBWI’s The Book, as well as by pitching agents at a virtual Writing Day conference. I also sent queries in February, March, and May 2021, all with no success. Soon after, I paused the querying process to complete another manuscript.

Query Attempts: 14

Rejections: 10

No Reply: 4

Status: I reworked Birthday Ranch and sent it to a freelance editor to go over. It will come back to me next month, and I’ll make revisions. I will then resume the querying process at the top of 2022.

Goals: My goal is to have Birthday Ranch represented by an agent by ?? (haven’t decided deadline yet).

Digital Tools: Scrivener, Twitter, website & blog

Outlining your efforts can be useful for actualizing any kind of goal—not just for getting an agent or a book deal. Let me know in the comments if you give it a try, and if your New Year’s dreams come true!

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