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Slow Down, Do Your Best

You may remember that I’ve been practicing getting fast at creating. I really wanted to hit my goal of publishing my latest Bun Family Coloring Book within two days on KDP.

Well, I did it. But, I had to work after hours, which was not part of my timeline. I could have otherwise accomplished my goal, but it would have meant including a picture that wasn’t exactly how I wanted it to be.

I debated with myself over whether or not to just send it as is—no one would have noticed, and if they did, who cares?

It turns out that I do. I got caught up in accomplishing a goal and almost lost sight of my purpose: to put out what I wanted as a child. I decided to finish the picture at night and still completed the project quickly.

This is just a gentle reminder that deadlines—even self-imposed—can make us crazy. Don’t let that anxiety push you into submitting anything that isn’t up to your standards. Every piece of the puzzle counts to make a magnificent picture.

Slow down—no, take your time—and do your best. 💖

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