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Stories & Smiles

How I’m sluggish yet motivated on December 26th.

Podcast Episode #31

My name is Naomi Shibles and I’m here to tell you Why I Need This Author Gig.

With each episode, I’ll share a little bit about my writing journey, sprinkled with some anecdotes so that we can share a laugh.

In this episode, I cover:

  • Saying goodbye to the winter wonderland

  • Missing Persons and Pauly Shore

  • Kirk Cameron’s theme song


Lots of fun events made this holiday season fly by. I’ll miss the lights—my favorite thing about my neighborhood at this time is the wonderland of lighted balls that are strung up. I’ll miss looking out my window at spheres of color floating in the night. Until next year.

author Naomi Shibles in front of a Christmas tree
Season’s Greetings!

My mind hasn’t been on writing over the last few days, so here are a few random recollections:

You might remember me talking about meeting the Legendary King of Ska, Dave Wakeling, at the Catamaran in San Diego years ago. A year or two before that, I was there for a Missing Persons concert and Pauly Shore was behind me. He was a popular comedy actor in the 90s for a while. (My favorite of his movies was Encino Man, which also starred Brendan Frasier and Sean Astin.)

Pauly Shore’s mom owned The Comedy Store, an L.A. stand-up comedy venue with a branch in San Diego. I assume that’s why he was at the Catamaran listening to “Walking in L.A.” while draped in ladies. I turned around and there he was, looking very serious as a gal chatted into each of his ears. I may have laughed at him and I’m not proud of that.

Do we have time for one more? I once chatted with Kirk Cameron’s wife, Chelsea Noble, while she held their baby, Jack, and Kirk Cameron looked on from a small distance. I understood his tense vibe—he was still pretty famous and they had an infant, which feels vulnerable no matter who you are. I know that he says some problematic religious statements, but back then all he did was write about Jesus on the receipts he signed at the hotel where I worked. They were just the most stunning little family.

The weirdest part about having Kirk Cameron lurk while I was trying to concentrate on the conversation was that we had to sing the Growing Pains theme song for my 8th grade graduation on St. Croix, and it played on a loop in my mind the whole time.

Here are the lyrics:

Show me that smile again. (Show me that smile)

Don't waste another minute on your cryin'.

We're nowhere near the end (nowhere near)

The best is ready to begin.

As long as we got each other

We got the world spinnin right in our hands.

Baby you and me, we gotta be

The luckiest dreamers who never quit dreamin'.

As long as we keep on givin'

we can take anything that comes our way

Baby, rain or shine, all the time

We got each other, sharin' the laughter and love.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the holidays. Now let’s all do a juice cleanse!


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