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Take Charge of Your Writing

Yesterday was the first birthday in 10 years where I took charge of my day and it was the best! I organized things how I wanted them and my birthday ended with happy memories rather than dashed expectations. This is a lesson that I hope to carry forward into all aspects of my life, including writing.

Naomi Shibles
A happy 48th birthday.

We are so fortunate to have access to more professional advice than ever when it comes to the business of getting published, and that knowledge is invaluable. At a certain point, however, we must stop looking for a magic formula and just go with what flows from our hearts. I think that is the only way to overcome the disappointment that comes along the querying journey.

Going forward, I plan to frame my writing with professional advice, and then take charge, organizing and executing my stories according to my own expectations. Hopefully, the process of writing will give me enough satisfaction that the business of writing doesn‘t sting too much.

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