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The Writing Years

How I’m thankful that things are happening.

Apologies Friends, but I’m not recording a podcast this week. There are too many people in my house and I’m embarrassed that they’ll hear me!

💛 But please keep reading for all the stuff I was going to chat about with you:


Between my Substack and this website blog, I’ve chronicled the last several years of my journey to become a published author. It pretty much covers the gamut of new author phases:

  • Elation at finishing a novel & thinking it’s done

  • Zoom fatigue from too many remote writing workshops

  • Disappointment after investing in writing software & services

  • Militant management of my emotions & expectations

  • Finding nuggets of kindness & pearls of wisdom (POWs!) in rejection notes

  • Resolutely taking control of my destiny

  • Always dreaming of a Big 5 contract

And it continues, hopefully connecting with your own experiences. We’re in this together. Even if we’ve never met. Because the experience of being a creator is less painfully unique when you hear someone else’s stories. Someone who is in the trenches, too.

And just as much as we like to commiserate with each others’ experiences, we love to celebrate good news, big or small. It lifts us up and reminds us to patiently and diligently keep trying.

I have two pieces of good news to share:

  1. I signed a deal for the rights to my science fiction caper for young adult readers, Counterblow Clemency, with a small publisher in London! 💃🏿 You can bet your bottom dollar that I’ll keep you updated on the novel’s publication news.

  2. After some generous advice from an agent at my recent writing retreat, I’ve been revising my 🧚‍♂️ YA cozy fantasy and hit a winning stride, in my opinion. Accessing memories of my own experience as a bookworm during adolescence has been key to adding the story elements that will delight my target audience.

smiling Pomeranian dog in front of big bug
Strudel feeling exuberant on a sunny day. Note the huge bug.

Don’t get mad, but in a way, I’m more excited about the second thing. Don’t get me wrong—I’m OVER THE MOON to have a publisher believe in my work. It means everything! But by having this writing breakthrough, I’ll be able to successfully build my career as an author.

And that’s the new author phase that I’m in now—the part where I understand that once the creating is done, what is left is a product to sell. And by selling that product, I will thrive.

And so will you.

Have a relaxing Thanksgiving—I’ll be watching the Macy’s parade. I’m told there’s also football. However you do it, please know that I’m THANKFUL for you!
red yellow anad orange fall leaves
Image by pinwhalestock from Pixabay

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