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What’s My Name Again?

It’s day 13 of staying at home as COVID-19 runs its course through our region. The virus now has a nickname: Rona. Homeschool this week has started off with a whole new technolgy format that was all consuming, in between cooking every meal and sewing my husband a non-surgical mask out of an old t-shirt for when he has to venture out to his office. (Someday, when the history books describe this moment in time, there will be illustrations of children taking Tae Kwon Do classes via Zoom virtual meetings while parents sit sewing masks out of old t-shirts and washcloths. Mark my words.)

I‘ve been wound up all day doing all this stuff because I woke up this morning to an email reminder that I had signed up to have the first 10 pages of Birthday Ranch critiqued by an editor, and the deadline to turn it in is THIS FRIDAY. Ack. I am not prepared. Now it is 4:53 pm, I have arranged for my husband to grill dinner, and it is finally my time to work. So what am I doing right now? Participating in a Facebook challenge to post landscape photos of places I’ve been, of course. I posted two:

The view from Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria of The Fairytale King’s father’s castle, Hohenschwangau Castle.
Hohenschwangau, Germany
I believe that this is the remains of the Temple of Apollo in Ortigia, Sicily.
Greek ruins in Ortigia, Sicily

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