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Workbook Is Live! Also, Please Stretch

Last week, I shared that my son and I created a workbook intended to help kids get organized, and that we were publishing it on Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP). KDP allows people to order your book on Amazon, and it is subsequently printed and shipped at no overhead cost.

I’m pleased to share that today, This One’s For You, Messy Kid. A Workbook is live and available on Amazon!

back back cover of a workbook intended to help kids get organized
The back cover of This One’s For You, Messy KId.

Here’s the blurb:

Adults: Does your kid leave a mess everywhere? This workbook offers tips and tricks so that your kid can get it together.

Kids: Are the adults in your life mad at you for being messy? The Ultimate King of the Mess, Booby X. Slacker, shares how being messy messed up his life.

This workbook offers tips and tricks so that you can avoid the same sad fate.

I’m full of feelings now that this workbook is out in the world, which I didn’t expect. You see, I realized that this is something enduring that my son and I collaborated on, sharing excitement and enjoying being together. I typically can’t compete with Minecraft, so it was special to make this memory.

I hope that you remember to enjoy the moments and process of writing. I know that I can become so engrossed in writing scenes that hours go by in a flash and I feel like I blacked out—like I missed the day. Enjoying the process, even the tedious bits, is a different experience.

You write because you love it, so poke your nose out every so often to make some memories. Or at least stretch! xo

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